Principle #2: Yes, And…

Whether you’ve actually done improv or not many people are familiar with the idea of Yes, And. More than just a fun way of improvising the scene, it’s an opportunity to alter our relationship to ourselves and to life. We get to suspend all of the resistance and conditions we place on how life and others should be.

“Yes,” is the act of accepting what is, as perfect for the moment instead of shoulding all over ourselves and each other.

“And,” is the act of bringing yourself into relationship to what is happening. It is a way of including yourself and each other. In the process we create a sense of belonging for everyone on the team.

When you shift your context from scarcity to greatness, Yes, And! becomes a natural way of working together. Your team and leaders are redirecting the energy that used to go into self-preservation into working out what’s best for the whole.

Yes, And is an incredible culture building tool giving us a practical tool to allow for diverse ideas and experiences and develop new levels of synergy in our execution and deliverables.

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