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Elan Bailey
Founder of UpLevel Leadership Academy helping individuals and organizations develop the competency, capacity and community to adapt, grow and thrive.


  • Laurel Tien

    Laurel Tien

    Passion for transformative, life-long learning through an experiential & relational ontology with individuals, groups, & communities in formal/informal settings

  • Joe Cardillo

    Joe Cardillo

    Opinions my own until the bear/dolphin takeover of 2017. Dig culture, journalism, design, data, and rocanrol.

  • Rebecca Colwell

    Rebecca Colwell

  • Debsjj


  • Zoe Sinnott

    Zoe Sinnott

  • Shonagh MacRae

    Shonagh MacRae

    Product Feature Owner at Thoughtexchange, a platform to bring people together and crowdsource the best of communities.

  • | A Digital blog | A Digital blog is a blog where we discuss different digital platforms & answer questions, (engineering-based site)

  • Judy York ~ Executive & Integral Master Coach™

    Judy York ~ Executive & Integral Master Coach™

    Leadership coach leveraging one of the most advanced maps of transformation ever created to help executives become better leaders.

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