Elan Bailey
Founder of UpLevel Leadership Academy helping individuals and organizations develop the competency, capacity and community to adapt, grow and thrive.

Vital Leadership in Times of Crisis

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of leading a conversation on Surviving to Thriving with the Transformative Learning Community.

Based on last week’s events, I decided to throw out my original intent for the conversation and instead get connected to how the folks in the room were feeling, meeting…


After decades of investment in emotional intelligence, communications and conflict training, unconscious bias training, performance incentives and people perks in the name of leadership development and culture building we haven’t had the breakthroughs we’d hoped for.

The retention, engagement and burnout data shows that something is eroding the happiness, health…

Adobe Stock ~ TanyaJoy

From Espoused Values to Embodied Culture

When you’re operating inside of a competitive worldview and you create strategic initiatives to elevate the historically marginalized and eradicate inequality, you can expect backlash from those who have the most to gain by maintaining power over others. It’s an inevitable part of game theory. …

Elan Bailey

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